Frequently Asked Questions

Things you might want to know!

if you have a question please check below to see if this has already been answered! If  your question is not listed please contact us via email and we will do our best to help answer this!

Are you CLP compliant ?


You betcha! We are fully 100% CLP compliant these labels are found on the underside/bottom of our products on each individual item is a different CLP label which are required by law! These state the Scent name , allergens, warning statements and some also contain certain red pictograms. At the bottom of the label you will also find the manufacturers details (that would be us!) 

What are the payment options?

We accept PayPal, Card payments and for those who like to split the purchase up we are also allowing clearpay and laybuy- please be sensible using these methods as we wouldn’t want anyone to get them self caught up in big purchases that may cause them distress having to pay back!

What is your return&refund policy?

If you would like to have a refund and return your items for this you have up to 14days after purchase to have a refund - if you have already received your order within the 14 day and want a refund you must contact us to return the items for your refund! Ifyou are unhappy with your order once you receive then please feel free to contact us and let us know the issue and we will try our best to help sort this out! If you wanted to return the order for a reason that’s not to do with damage etc you will be liable for the return Postage and items must be sent back unopened and how we sent them to you for a refund.
If your order arrives damaged, missing items or incorrect items please email us and we will offer to send out replacements or refund for those items along with a discount off a next purchase.

Do you offer wholesale?

The answer to that is yes we offer wholesale the terms and conditions are below.
1- Minimum Spend £75 BEFORE discount2- turnaround time is 10 working days (Monday-Friday) 3- you must not remove the clp labels - you can put your own logo labels on.4- You MUST not take credit and tell customers these are your own products -this is  upsetting as we work hard! 
if you are interested in wholesale please send an email stating this to and we will give you a personal wholesale code for yourself!  

What is an open box?

Let’s talk open boxes! This is simply where you wish to buy multiple products over a period of time -especially when sales  are on or waiting for a new scent or restock of scents but want to grab a  few products and don’t want to pay multiple postage fees. So you simply order the products that you want at any time and click “open box” this will not charge you postage and items will not be sent out  until you are finished adding products  over time to your open box and you select the “close open box” on your  last order of adding to the box - this will the charge you the postage fee and your items that you have purchase over time/however long you wish to have the box open for will all be  sent in one box with only one postage fee.