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Our very own dream come true..

Fizz&Scent Co started back in January 2020 which I was doing as a hobby- I soon learned to fall in love with the products I was creating and I soon enough started to take it seriously and decided to make it more than my little hobby.  I found my happiness when I started this as a full business and still to this day our company  brings me many days of fun, happiness and of course sometimes stress (that’s on having a business oops!) 
Our goal as a company has always been to make our customers happy with our products and not only that but our customer service too as every little thing makes your experience the best! We take an absolute amount of pride in our work even down to the littlest features - even packaging. 
In over a year we have been open, this journey has been a long and bump journey but we have learnt so much and still continue to learn new things regularly and create new products so that our customers only ever receive the best.
A year Down the line we have introduced More to our range - including wide range  of bath&body products!

Thank you for  helping to support our business , every one of our customers and even those who haven’t purchased we are very grateful for!

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